Saturday, 31 July 2010

Suit You Sir!

I am getting old. No, perhaps I should change that, I am getting ‘grown up’. This has been brought home by yesterday’s decision that I am to hire an assistant. This slightly flattered my ego, and I must admit to having had quick visions of ordering someone to ‘take dictation’ or get someone ‘on the line’, perhaps with me chewing on a large cigar whilst I did so. In reality though they will really just be a ‘mini-me’ in the making driving our recent third edit suite. Actually, scratch that first vision with the cigar, the whole ‘mini-me’ concept sounds much more cool. In a few weeks I will have a newly-hatched little person under my wing, so to speak. This has made a very big decision in my life almost by default. I adore my trainers. I have kicked off under my desk so many pairs of Reebok, Nike, Puma, DC, Osiris and countless weird Japanese imports that I have lost count of their many vibrant styles. I have come to the conclusion that things need to change, and trainers shall no longer be propelling me to work. I bought a pair of smart leather boots the other week, they are brown with a slightly distressed appearance. I had previously considered ‘smart shoes’ as accessories one borrowed from classier friends to wear for a wedding or funeral. Now my mind has been opened to an entire new world of smart footwear, this is just the beginning! 

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